March 8, 2015

International Women's Day

Today is International Woman's Day.

I raise my glass with pride and gratitude at the woman I have become.

I love my family and friends. I am a caring mother. I try my best to do my best.
I make mistakes. I am human. I stumble and fall., but I get back up.
I am compassionate and intelligent.
I am an amazing woman.

I raise my glass to all the women I know...

Women who have inspired me. Women who have shared their strength when mine was absent. Woman who have made me laugh until tears rolled, and laughed right beside me with shared happiness. Woman who have grieved with me, and allowed me to share in their grief. Women who have shaped me. Women who have walked the path with me, beside me.

I raise my glass to the women who know what they want and are determined to get there. To the women who are exploring, and searching, and diving deeply into life with full force. To the women who are unsure, and hesitant, and scared, but keep on going anyway.

For the women who are loyal to family, and friends. To those wonderful women who give to everyone, even strangers. Giving what they can, whenever they can, just because they can, with no thought of sacrifice or repayment.

To the women who really see one another, and build up instead of tearing down.

To the women offering a caring smile and an encouraging word.

To the women full of hurt, and loneliness, because everyone is valued and our wounds do not define us and everyone can be healed. And to the women who rally the troops and gather round when one of us is hurting.

To the achievers, and dreamers, and watchers, and movers.

To my sisters sharing vision, hope, solidarity.

You are beautiful, and valuable, and loved.

So here's to amazing women.
May we know them,
May we be them
May we raise them.

We are woman. Hear us Roar.


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