February 25, 2015

Spaghetti Soup

Spaghetti Soup is a delicious, tangy soup.

You start with the spaghetti that your family likes best, using flavors your family enjoys, and go from there. It's an almost guaranteed win.

This is not so much an exact recipe, as a guideline.
You're going to need to use some judgement and think about flavors.
Don't be unsure if you are not a "from-scratch" cook.
It's pretty tough to mess this one up. Give it a try.

Begin with your leftover spaghetti (sauce and noodles) from a previous meal.
If I plan to make soup, I'll make extra spaghetti and sauce.
You can use a meatless spaghetti sauce or a meat sauce. Include meatballs or not. Use sauce homemade by you, or crack a jar of your favorite store bought sauce. Use what you always use. Your family already likes it.

Cut it up so the spaghetti is no longer long noodles and add it to a slow cooker or stove-top pot. Thin the spaghetti with Chicken or Vegetable Broth, water, and possibly more sauce. You could also use water and tomato soup.

What you use to thin the spaghetti depends on what you have in your cupboard.
Thin the spaghetti out to soup consistency. As it heats, the spaghetti noodles may release some starch. Add a little water if the soup begins to thicken up.

Let it heat and taste test. It might need a little pepper depending on your taste.

That is the basic recipe and it's good as is.
Sometimes I like to add a few other ingredients if I have them around. Adding a few extra vegetable means the soup will feed us for two meals instead of one.

I'll add chopped sweet peppers

look at these delicious so-sweet peppers from a local greenhouse

A few garlic cloves


and even celery, carrots, diced tomatoes, or corn.

As you add more ingredients, you will need to add more water, pepper, and possibly salt. Make sure to test the flavors as they simmer together so you can adjust as needed.

Let the ingredients simmer together until the vegetables are cooked through and the flavors are blended. Try Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top. Serve this soup with crackers, cheese bread, grilled cheese sandwiches, or garlic bread. 

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